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I am delighted to be of service between Gold Coast and Brisbane. If you are planning a wedding between the Tweed and Brisbane, I will be delighted to assist. I am an experienced Gold Coast Wedding Celebrant and it will be a privilege to work with you, and create a ceremony that will touch your heart.

Born in Ireland with an Irish brogue, I have lived on the Gold Coast since a youth, and I am familiar of the many beautiful venues that are available across the region. I have also lived for many years in South East Asia, and I am well experienced with the richness and variety of Asian cultures.

About Pat Mac Anally

Hello there. My name is Pat Mac Anally. I was born in Ireland, and grew up in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. I am a family man with a beautiful wife and a growing-into- teenager son. They are the center of my life.

In my life as a wedding celebrant, I have been privileged to bring happiness and joy to hundreds of couples by celebrating their wedding ceremonies. Whereas, I have performed other life celebrations, for me the wedding ceremony is unique and exciting. Friendliness and professionalism are the two hallmarks of my relaxed and dignified service.

I have also lived and worked as a wedding celebrant for many years in South East Asia. I honor the richness and variety of Asian cultures and traditions, and will be delighted to celebrate weddings for overseas guests visiting Australia.

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